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Christmas Cake - Part 1

Christmas Cake - Part 1 

Soaking the fruit

Christmas is only 3 days away! (Which makes it my mum's birthday- Happy birthday mum!). As usual, this time of year flies by, but thankfully in the rush I found some time to get my Christmas cakes done. Ever since I was passed on my Grandmothers recipe a few years ago, I've made a few batches up each year.  Two lots of this recipe makes one big one to eat on Christmas day, and a number of smaller cakes which have ended up as presents. This recipe was even used as our wedding cake!

You will need to start this a few days ahead to let all the fruit soak in the alcohol to let the rich flavour soak through.

Start with a whole heap of dried fruit. I have made a few amendments to the original recipe, added some dried cranberries, switched the currents for extra sultanas, left out the dates- but the great thing about fruit cake is that you really can't go too wrong in your mix of fruit.

Dried fruit:
250 g sultanas
250 g currants
250 g raisins
60g dried apricots
60g dried pineapple
60 dried figs
60g dried prunes
60g dates (I switched these for dried cranberries)
125g chopped peel
125g glace cherries

Chop all the dried fruit up (if not already in small pieces) and mix in together in a big bowl, or a big tupperware container.

Also take 60g almonds, and 60g walnuts, and chop them up very fine.
Throw those in the mix, and stir it all around
 Now take your 3 friends- rum, brandy and sherry.
 Pour in 2 tablespoons of sherry, 2 tablespoons of brandy, and half a cup of rum. My grandmother's recipe says "I add more" so you can let loose and add as much as you like!
 Cover it up with some glad wrap, and let it sit for 2 days, or weeks, or as long as you have until you need to make the cake.
Oops forgot the glace cherries - they went in a little later
 All ready to go for when you make the rest of the cake!
See Part 2...

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